CommTrack - Commission Tracking

This is the screen you see when you start a commission cycle. You first choose the date range that invoices are to be processed for. Then you select either all reps, one Rep or a number of Reps.. Click submit and the invoices will be seleted and brought into an acccess database.


Above is the image that appears after the date is loaded. There is a screen for each invoice which shows all the customer information as well as all item detail information. In addition it has cost, if using gross profit method, and commission rate and amount. You can also view payment information and other relevant data. Below is the commission statement which can be separated and given to Rep. Many customers that have PDF printers installed print to a PDF and then email the statements to the Rep.





Don't wait to buy this product.
Jeff Tauber, Royal Heritage Homes.

Complete reports easy to learn and a time saver.
RJ Mechsner, Accountant

Not only is the product well-priced, but it is extremely well designed.
Jim Black, Property Manager

We pay on a variable basis with payments made upon payment of the invoice. CommTrack saves 3 hours per month.
Sue Lyons, BBP

What used to take hours now takes minutes.
IEH Electronic - Lake Forrest, Ca.

We have been using CommTrack for several months now and love it the reports functions!
Dean Renolds,  Manager