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[07/10/2013] Done! I just ran commissions today and am so grateful it's such a quick and easy task! Take care Clem, Gina Woodman American Precision Dicing

[03/03/2012]  We have been using the CommTrack software for sales representative compensation since 2007. During that period we have had few reasons to call for technical support but on that rare occasion when we had to do so the support services provided were outstanding. We would recommend the software as an add-on to QuickBooks without reservations.

[02/04/2012]  In my experience with using CommTrack for commissions, it is much easier and faster than our previous method. This is helpful to me as I don’t have a lot of time to spend on one task in our busy office. It comes with easy to follow instructions for set-up. The support is knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt. This software is very user-friendly.

[01/25/11]  We are on the third month of operating with your system. Excellent!
Peter Kraus

[8/10/10] I hope you are doing well.  We have been using CommTrack for several months now and love it!  We are so impressed with the ease of use as well as the accuracy.  It has certainly made commission a breeze! 
Lynne Hennessy - Concepts & Associates, Inc.- 105 19th Street - Birmingham, Al. 35210  

[11/30/09] We have been using CommTrack for nearly a year now and all I can say is "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" We track our gross profit BY SALE and pay salesman commissions based on GROSS PROFIT RECEIPTS. This is a very complicated accounting method that can not be managed with any pre-packaged accounting program. We can say without a doubt that CommTrack is the MOST user friendly QuickBooks compatible 3rd Party solution we have found to completely satisfy our needs. And what about support? NO SWEAT! Customizations? NO PROBLEM. Every single request, question or concern we have had has been PROMPTLY addressed and the service has EXCEEDED our expectations! 

I went from days to prepare my monthly profit and commission reports to minutes in 1 day! AND not only are we able to prepare gross profit and commission reports each month, we are also able to produce PROJECTED revenues and commissions based on our bookings just as seamlessly each month! Unbelievable! If you need to track gross profits and commissions in a custom way, THIS IS the only software you will need! I don't see any reason to look any further than CommTrack!
Dawn Robinson, Accounting Manager Engineered Systems & Products, Inc. Richmond, VA

Insurance underwriting - We bought Commtrack in Sept 2007 to see if it would work for our Insurance Brokerage business.  One of the requirements is that we can split a Commission between our agency and an outside rep. CommTrack accomplishes this by using Custom fields that pop up on the QuickBooks invoice itself. This software has done the job for us and the support given us has been excellent. 
Jane Gallager - Accurate Financial..

Don't wait to buy this product 
Jeff Tauber - Royal Heritage Homes

Not only is the product well-priced, but it is extremely well designed. Our company, Royal Heritage had some complex issues with generating commission checks to our sales representatives on a timely basis. We pay on a variable basis with payments made upon payment of the invoice. The COM Track system works seamlessly with our Premier 2005 QuickBooks software. We have cut 3 hours out of each month's commission payment process. Works Great and Saves Time
One satisfied customer

This Product really gets the job done. It is a must have for any small business with a commission based sales team. Our sales people get a complete report with all the details they are looking for. What used to take hours now takes minutes. This is a good solution and cost effective for any small business.
IEH Electronic - Lake Forrest, Ca. 

"Great Value, Great Support", "COMMTRACK"  was exactly what we were looking for and at a great price. Frankly, I was initially concerned about how low the price was (I'm using a few QuickBooks aftermarket programs and know that support is critical). In hindsight, I could not be happier - I've had multiple systems changes since I purchased COM Track, and they have been there for us every step of the way. I estimate my ROI was achieved the second time I used it (short learning curve setting up and first run through). I run the program once a month now and I’m done in a matter of minutes. Utilizing Reps. to expand my business is no longer a ‘double edged sword’ - thanks to COM Track." - MikeA Good Program
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Don't wait to buy this product.
Jeff Tauber, Royal Heritage Homes.

Complete reports easy to learn and a time saver.
RJ Mechsner, Accountant

Not only is the product well-priced, but it is extremely well designed.
Jim Black, Property Manager

We pay on a variable basis with payments made upon payment of the invoice. CommTrack saves 3 hours per month.
Sue Lyons, BBP

What used to take hours now takes minutes.
IEH Electronic - Lake Forrest, Ca.

We have been using CommTrack for several months now and love it the reports functions!
Dean Renolds,  Manager