CommTrack - Commission Tracking

Changes to CommTrack 4.43

The major change in this version is a real timesaver.  You can now run the CommTrack Detail Report to a PDF file for each Rep. No more printing each one separately.  This change is available on the summary report also.  For years people have asked to have the Summary report split by Rep and we finally did it. Sorry it took so long.

Changes from Ver. 4.42 to Ver. 4.43

  1. PDF files created for Commission Detail and summary reports. This is the main change from 4.42 to 4.43.  Depending on the release date some of the changes from 4.21 could also apply. Please look at your current 4.42 version and see if that is the case.
  2. New Commission Snap Shot Report for Mobile readers

Changes from Ver. 4.41 to 4.43:

1. You can get costs by serial number if using advance inventory.
2. Commission detail report and summary reports break by Rep and you can get a separate PDF file for each rep.
3. Can set commission rates by aging of the invoice.

Example: 0 to 30 days – 10%

  1. 31 to 60 days – 8%
  2. 61  to 90 days – 6%

4. You can have your Reps assigned to an invoice by zip code.

Changes from Ver. 4.21 to Ver. 4.43  ***   Version 4.21 is no longer supported as of 12/31/2013

  1. PDF files created for Commission Detail and summary reports.
  2. Two new Commission plans:
  3. Commission rates applied by ageing date of invoice
  4. Rates by Discount percent
  5. Reps can be assigned by zip code.
  6. New Reports:
  7. To be used with the “Ageing date of Invoice” plan. The Ageing Due Date Report.
  8. Paid Invoice Report
  9. Commission Snap Shot Report for Mobile readers
  10. Draw – CommTrack can now calculate a Draw for a Rep. You can setup a draw in the Sales Rep file.  The Draw will be subtracted from the
  11. Commission amount for a period. The Draw will not accumulate.
  12. You can now request a separate excel for each Rep when you export your imported transactions to excel. We’ve also added the ship to address, the line description and the Gross Profit Amount.
  13. Ability to set rates for an item by Rep and by Customer


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Complete reports easy to learn and a time saver.
RJ Mechsner, Accountant

Not only is the product well-priced, but it is extremely well designed.
Jim Black, Property Manager

We pay on a variable basis with payments made upon payment of the invoice. CommTrack saves 3 hours per month.
Sue Lyons, BBP

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IEH Electronic - Lake Forrest, Ca.

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Dean Renolds,  Manager